First Term Literary Letter Rubric
“E” Exceeding Literary Letters

  • Consistent correct letter format - date, greeting, body, closing, "signature"
  • Paragraphs include thoughtful detail and reflection
  • Two connections are used
  • Two + paragraphs are written with a clear focus, organization, and excellent relevant details
  • Paragraphs contain excellent detail and reflection related to main idea
  • n/a
  • n/a

“M” Meeting Literary Letters
  • correct letter format -date, greeting, body, closing, "signature" on MOST letters
  • Paragraph shows correct usage of capitals & punctuation
  • 1-2 Paragraphs include detail and reflection
  • One connection is used
  • One paragraph (contains clear main idea) with a clear focus, organization, and good relevant details
  • Letters are easy to read and understand.
  • Letters are posted on time

“P” Progressing Literary Letters
  • Mostly correct letter format - may be missing date, or greeting, closing - may not be "signed"/or inconsistent effort
  • Parts may not use capital letters and/or correct punctuation -
  • Paragraph is brief
  • Connection is unclear
  • Paragraph summarizes OR main idea is disorganized
  • Parts of the letter are difficult to understand
  • Letters are not consistently posted on time

“B” Beginning Literary Letters
  • Incorrect letter format
  • Missing many capitals and/or incorrect or missing punctuation
  • No connections are used
  • No clear paragraph
  • Letters are hard to read/understand
  • Letters are not posted on time