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It is your responsibility to keep this log up-to-date. You fill in any time you start a new book or any time you finish. You must spell the title and author's name correctly and both should be capitalized. Our first entry will be done in class and then you need to add your at-home reading books as needed. When you need more lines, let me know!

September 24, 2017
Dear Levi,
This week's wiki assignment is to write a letter back to me about the book you are reading at home. You can write about Dyamonde Daniel or Inspector Flytrap (remember to put it on the log!). Tell me if you like the book and why or why not. Please give two examples to support your opinion, (examples of sentence starters for your example: "I liked this book because... I also thought that....".) Your letter should be at least 3 complete sentences long. It should include the 5 parts of a friendly letter, date, greeting, body, closing, and your name. You can write more, but that's up to you! Post your letter right below mine. I'm looking forward to reading your letter!
Best Wishes,
Mrs. McGinnity..

Dear Mrs McGinnity,
I am writing to tell you about the book I'm reading at home called Dog man. Dog man is an unleashed hero who was trained to do the right thing. I like this book because dog man is a hero. I like this book because dog man is a nice man who tells people to stop destroying the city. My second reason is that Dog man is smart and does the right thing when he is supposed to.
Your student,

October 23, 2017
Dear Levi,
Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start. This week's assignment is to use the Venn Diagram we made in class and write me a letter that compares and contrasts the book, The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler, with the movie version. (In your letter you can just call it The Mixed Up Files.) You should give an example of one major way they are the same, and one major way they are different. Your final sentence should explain to me which one you liked better and WHY (that means use ,EVIDENCE). Remember, you must include the 5 parts of a friendly letter: date, greeting, body, closing and your name. You must also post your letter right below this one. Proofread too!
I look forward to reading your letter.


Dear Mrs.McGinnity,
When we finished the book there are differences about the book and the movie. First about the book is the book did not have Mrs.,Frankweiler and second was they took a train to the city.For the movie is the movie did not have kevin and did not have claudia and Jamie went to dinner second there Parents went to the museum to find them and third it is very different and for the sames are there are the same characters from the settings.


November 6, 2017
Dear Levi,
Thank you for your letter. You gave excellent examples when you compared and contrasted the book and the movie.
In your next letter please tell me something important about the main character in Dog Man. I have not read it so please also think of a character trait that describes your character best. What do you think will happen next to your character?
Your letter should answer the 3 questions above and it should have the 5 parts of a friendly letter.
I look forward to reading it.
Love, Mrs. McGinnity

November 8, 2017
Dear Mrs,McGinnity,
I am reading a book called Extra Credit. The main character in the story is named Mahmood Jafari. Something important in this book is that this boy has a friend in America and he sends letters to her. One thing I would use to describe him is that he is intelligent because he goes to school but doesn’t like learning he thinks that going to school is silly because he does a lot of homework and takes a lot of math tests but the only person he cares about is his friend. I think that he thinks that school isn’t fun because of math, social studies, and science is not fun either. Mahmood has a lot of bullies and that doesn’t make him happy too.
yours truly,

December 3, 2017
Dear Levi,
I hope you are enjoying your book Ribsy with Miss Kelly's group. Please write me two sentences Tell me something you like about Henry in one sentence. In the second sentence tell me something you think will happen to Henry and Ribsy in the story.
Make sure you have the 5 parts of a letter.
Mrs. McGinnity

December 3, 2017
Dear Mrs. McGinnity,
This year I'm reading a book with Mrs. Kelly called Ribsy. There are two character traits for the character Henry Huggins and the trait is to be determined. Henry was determined to find Ribsy the dog. The text says on page 114 Henry’s father suggested to go to the humane society to get another dog but Henry did not want to do that he just wanted ribsy or nothing. My second trait is loving. For example, Henry was loving to Ribsy because he loves Ribsy so much that he plays with Ribsy a lot and Ribsy is also loving to the people. Ribsy is friendly to people around the town in the neighborhood.

January 16, 2018
Happy New Year!
For your first wiki letter of the new year, please make sure your book log is up-to-date. You should be reading a good fit chapter book 20 minutes each night.
Next, we are working on monitoring our comprehension as we read to make sure we really understand what we are reading. Think about your at-home reading book. Answer two of the monitoring questions about your book in your friendly letter back to me. Make sure you include all 5 parts of a friendly letter.
Mrs. McGinnity

Monitoring for Comprehension Questions (pick 2)
1. What is happening in the story?
2. What is happening to the characters?
3. Is the character changing?
4. What do I think will happen next?
5. What is the problem?

January 18, 2018

Dear Mrs McGinnity,
I’ve been reading an interesting book called Remy Sneakers written by Kevin Sherry. In the story of Remy sneakers, news spread in the whole city about a raccoon that stole valuable high-tech light weight metal which was stolen from air and space museum. Remington and Stix couldn’t believe it and Remington had to stand up for himself and prove to the mice that he did not commit this crime, that’s what is called being brave. I predict that the mice are going to help Remington with his situation.
This has been an interesting book to read. I will tell you more about it.

February 5, 2018
Dear Levi,
We have been working on cause and effect in reading. Cause is the reason something happens and effect is the result, what actually does happen due to the cause. We sometimes call it reason & result.
Think about your at-home reading book. Identify an important example of cause and effect. EXPLAIN why this cause and effect example is important to the narrative.
I look forward to reading your letter!
Love, Mrs. McGinnity

February 6, 2018

Dear Mrs McGinnity,
Today I’m writing to you about a book that I read last week for cause and affect. The book I read last week is called Remy sneakers. In the book there was a story about a raccoon which stole metal from the air and space museum. The news caused a rumor that has spread in the city also Remys friend thought he was thief but Remy did not do it because he did not commit this crime.The affect was Remy’s friend was affected by mouse robots that are tried to attack him but Remy saved him that is what good friends are. Thats the work I did for the cause and affect writing project. I hope you like it.
Levi Emmanuel

Dear Levi,
As we saw in class, when we read we can learn from and teach our characters. This week here is what you need to do: Introduce me to your main character and tell me two or three important character traits. (one sentence.) Then tell me about a time when your main character interacted with another character in the story (this should only be about one sentence.) Finally you can decide to share with me the advice you would want to give your character OR you can tell me what you learned from your character's behavior. I look forward to understanding what you INFERRED from your character's behavior.
Mrs. McGinnity

March 8, 2018

Dear Mrs. McGinnity,
Last month I finished reading a book called Remy Sneakers. You asked us to give a name of a character of the book that I’m reading. You also asked us to name character traits to describe what they were doing in the story. I am going to tell you about remy. He is brave, truthful, kind, and he is loving to others. He is also loving to his friends. Remy liked to find stuff and put them in his collection from dumps, landfills, and trash down the streets.That’s what I learned about him in the Remy Sneakers book by Kevin Sherry.
Have a nice day!

May 7,2018
Dear Levi,
Please use your Storyworks magazine and choose a side about our recent discussion on texting and walking. Should it be banned? Make sure you have three reasons to support your opinion. Your letter is due Friday.
Love Mrs. McGinnity (p.s. sorry the picture is sideways! I saved it vertically and it keeps putting it like this on the sight!)

May 9, 2018
Today i'm righting a letter to you about a book that me and my class are reading its called ''Should you ban texting while walking''
people in Honolulu,Hawaii used to text while walking that's why people are getting accidents everyday. Right now, they made the
law to not text while walking that's why you should put your phone away while your walking down the street. Some countries around
the world use these laws to protect people in any situation that is happening and keep them from trouble.

Your student,