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Welcome! This will be your personal wiki page. We will keep track of what you're reading at home, discuss what we're reading in school and write to each other about reading. It will be important to [[#|proofread]] your work BEFORE you post it. Mistakes do happen but I will help you correct them. You do not have to do anything to this page until we look at it together in school. After that, we will have an activity on the page about every other week, except for your book log. You will update that every time you start and finish a new book.


You rarely updated your book [[#|log in]] term 2. Please choose a good fit term 3 book as soon as possible.

BOOK TITLE (use capitals)
NAME (use capital)
Easy (E), Just Right (JR),
Challenging (C), Abandoned (A)

Journey To A Different
I survived The invasion of
the Nazis


Well its been a while since we've had a wiki week. Be sure your book log (above) is up to date. You will want to be reading a good fit book when we assign the next book talk.
For your wiki letter, write to me about your current book. Explain the point of view (1st person, 3rd person limited, 3rd person objective or 3rd person omniscient) and the perspective (who's story is being told.) You should also include a page and evidence from the story to support your point of view explanation. How would the story be different if another character told the story?
Write your letter directly below this one. Include DATE GREETING [[#|Indented]] BODY CLOSING and YOUR NAME. Proofread for spelling and punctuation.
Due Friday!
Love Mrs. McGinnity

April 3, 2017
Dear Mrs. McGinnity,
In the story Loot I think the perspective is 3rd person omnicent because on page 116 it says "whoa Thats... weird isnt it? he asked they all looked at one another, then down at the moonstone. Where'd you get it Julia asked the night Alfie died he said march squeezed his eyes shut" this shows that it isn't 1st person because it says March squeezed his eyes shut meaning that a narrator is telling the story and the narrator knows their feelings and knows everything that is happening. it would be very different if it was told from Darius perspective cause he wouldnt now the real truth about alfie and only March does and March tries to tell them but they dont believe it i think this is why it was told from Marches perspective because only she knows the truth about her father. so if it was told from Julias perspective this is what it would sound like "Your father is a horrible person you think you know the truth but you dont" so it would be different because they are arguning and March cant say whats on her mind. this is why it isnt told from another persons perspective.
your friend, Kevin

January 3, 2017
Dear Kevin,
I hope you had a wonderful vacation! This week I'd like you to think about your book talk book. By now you are done with the book and your focus sheet is completed. One part of your focus sheet is called AUTHOR'S MESSAGE. This message, sometimes called THEME is a message from the author to the reader, something the author wanted you to think about while enjoying the story. Some common themes in stories are about working as a team to solve problems or that family will always stick together. We will be writing our author's message paragraphs in school. What do you believe the author wanted you to think about? What happened to your main character/s to make you think of this theme?
Write your letter directly below this one and PROOFREAD IT carefully before you post it. Also, make sure now that your book talk book is complete you have a new book to add to your book log.
I look forward to reading your letter!
Mrs. McGinnity

January 5, 2017
Dear Mrs McGinnity
In the story journey to a Different Dimension the main characters are Tiffany, Ryan, and Paul. They have one problem someone stole their crops and they want to figure who did it the try to solve it by looking for the robber's house soon they find it and start stealing from them. They also found another base in a cave and search it and find valuable items. They go back to their house and make a plan I think in this part the author's message is to make a plan before fighting cause if they were unprepared the wouldn't have a chance they talk about getting Armour and weapons to fight with but the don't know were to find them.

your friend

BOOK TITLE (use capitals)
AUTHOR'S LAST NAME (use capital)
Easy (E), Just Right (JR), Challenging (C), Abandoned (A)
The Mixed Up Files
A Snicker Of Magic
Sophia's War

Dear Kevin,
How are you? I hope you are ready to write your first wiki letter to me. Below this letter you will type your own letter which will tell me your opinion of The Mixed Up Files. Hit the edit button. DO NOT ADD A DISCUSSION. You will include two examples from the story to support your opinion. Maybe you loved Claudia or Jamie or something that they did. Maybe you have your own experience which the story reminded you about. Make sure you have two examples. Your letter will be AT LEAST 3 [[#|sentences]] long. You will also include the 5 parts of the friendly letter: the date, the greeting, the body, the closing and your name! (Just like this letter has and set up the exact same way).Proofread before you post. Check for spelling, capitals and punctuation. Oh, and don't forget to update your book log. I am looking forward to reading your letter.
Love your teacher,
Mrs. McGinnity

it will be fun for you to here what i think about the book I am not sure why this sentence is included, however you need capitals at the beginning and on the word "I"

Dear. Mrs. McGinnity
In the story The Mixed Up Files I really liked the book because it was entertaining with funny dialogue. My favorite part about the book is them solving the mystery of Angel, the way they searched for the files to know that it was carved by Michelangelo. Another part that I thought was interesting is why no one questioned them on why they weren't at school, which I thought was weird.
Also what I liked is how Mrs. Frankweiler sold Angel to the museum without any reason, which is what created the whole mystery. But later, Mrs. Frankweiler
gives them a chance to look through her files. They had one hour to search. They found the files on Angel. They looked and they were able to figure out the mystery.
I thought this was a very fun story.
Your friend, Kevin Fuller

Dear Kevin

Thank you so much for your letter about The Mixed Up Files. You need to add a new book to your [[#|reading log]] above because this week I would like you to find a sentence or two from your at-home reading book that really helps you visualize the setting of the story (when and when the story takes place.) Put the sentences in quotation marks because you are copying the author's exact words. Then be sure to tell me why this is such a good example of visualization. For example, I might write: I could really visualize this part in The Mixed Up Files, "Their basket was always so full since there were two of them using it. She managed to shift a shallow layer of Kleenex, which her mother had used for blotting lipstick, and thus exposed the corner of a red ticket." I could see Claudia collecting trash from her parents room and pictured the bright red train ticket next to the crumpled-up white tissues covered in pink lipstick.
Make sure you included the 5 parts of the friendly letter and put your example in quotation marks. "Ok?" Post your letter below this one by Friday.
Mrs. McGinnity

Dear MrsMcGinnity,

In the story Sophia's War I could visualize the part when Sophia saw British solders walking past her house. I could also visualize the part when she had to run threw a forest to her house to be safe so she wouldn't get kidnapped by a British solider

your Freind, Kevin

Dear Kevin,
This week for your letter I would like you to think about Nolan in Shredderman. What is your opinion of him? Why? What character traits would you use to describe him? Please put these ideas in a letter to me that is AT LEAST 3 sentences long and has been proofread for capitals, spelling and punctuation.
Looking forward to reading your letter,
Love, Mrs. McGinnity

Dear Mrs. McGinnity

I think Nolan is a normal kid but he is constantly bullied by Bubba, so I feel badly for him. He fights back by creating a website about bullies, but I feel like that makes him a little bit of a bully too. He wanted more people to visit his site so he threw confetti off of the school roof with his website address on the paper. I thought that was both creative and brave since he could have been caught. It might have even been a little crazy. I think he needs to calm down a little bit before he turns into a bully himself.
Your friend, Kevin

Dear Kevin,
How are you? It is so exciting that we have finally finished up our first guided reading book! Next, we will work on summarizing the book using our details from our importance chart. For this weeks letter, I would like you to tell me your overall opinion of your guided reading book, The Kid Who Ran For President. Please choose at least one specific part of the book that helped you form your opinion. Why did this part of the book help you form your opinion? Include at least two important details from this part. Make sure to proofread for capitals, spelling, and punctuation before you post.
Love, Miss Gallant

Dear Mrs McGinnity,
I like the book Shredderman because it has alot of interseting parts to it one of them is him throwing cinfeti of the school roof IIt was brave cause what if he was caught. and the second reason is he kept standing up for himself at school when people call him names and i liked that he was doing that. Those the reasons I like Shredderman.

your friend, Kevin