1. Kathleen's Wiki Page

Welcome to your personal page! It is here that you will keep track of what you are reading. You will need to click on the EDIT button to make changes and you will need to click on SAVE when you are done. To begin we are going to add book titles, author's and other information to the chart below:

E, JR, C or A
Mixed Up Files Konigsburg
Stella By Starlight Sharon M. Draper
The Nest
The Truth Of Me

Not Really
The Cutest Kittens In The World
OfCourse !
Sarah Plain&Tall

Forever Friends
Yes !!
The Puppy Place
Bubbles And Boo
Baileys Story W. Bruce Cameron
Wish Barbara O’Connor

It is your responsibility to keep this log up-to-date. You fill in any time you start a new book or any time you finish. You must spell the title and author's name correctly and both should be capitalized. Our first entry will be done in class and then you need to add your at-home reading books as needed. When you need more lines, let me know!

September 24, 2017
Dear Kathleen,
This week's wiki assignment is to write a letter back to me about the book you are reading at home. You can write about Stella By Starlight or your next book (remember to put it on the log!). Tell me if you like the book and why or why not. Please give two examples to support your opinion, (examples of sentence starters for your example: "I liked this book because... I also thought that....".) Your letter should be at least 3 complete sentences long. It should include the 5 parts of a friendly letter, date, greeting, body, closing, and your name. You can write more, but that's up to you! Post your letter right below mine. I'm looking forward to reading your letter!
Best Wishes,
Mrs. McGinnity..

Dear Mrs.McGinnity, 10/5/17
Stella By Starlight Its an amazing book. I like this book because its Interesting I also thought that because its an adventure for a whole family. Ive never seen a book like that. Who ever made this book then I give them a 10/10!
Your Friend,

October 23, 2017
Dear Kathleen,
Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start. This week's assignment is to use the Venn Diagram we made in class and write me a letter that compares and contrasts the book, The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler, with the movie version. (In your letter you can just call it The Mixed Up Files.) You should give an example of one major way they are the same, and one major way they are different. Your final sentence should explain to me which one you liked better and WHY (that means use ,EVIDENCE). Remember, you must include the 5 parts of a friendly letter: date, greeting, body, closing and your name. You must also post your letter right below this one. Proofread too!
I look forward to reading your letter.
Mrs. McGinnity

November 11, 2017 --- I don't think this is the correct date for your letter ???
Dear Mrs. McGinnity, 10/25/17
The things I thought were the same was that Claudia and Jamie ran away and that they both slept in the bed that someone died in. The different things that happend was that in The book Claudia cried, but in the movie no one cried. Those are the differences and the same things that happend in the book and and The movie . By the way I thought the Book had more detail.
Love, Kathleen

November 6, 2017
Dear Kathleen,
Thank you for your letter. I don't think the date is correct so please work carefully. Thank your for fixing the capitals in your letter. Remember, capitals go at the beginning of sentences and on words that are names (called proper nouns).
In your next letter please tell me something important about the main character in The Truth of Me. I have not read it so please also think of a character trait that describes your character best. What do you think will happen next to your character?
Your letter should answer the 3 questions above and it should have the 5 parts of a friendly letter.
I look forward to reading it.
Love, Mrs. McGinnity

Dear Mrs. McGinnity,
I have stopped reading the book but I can answer your letter. The main character is Robbie and he loves to spend time with his grandmother Maddie so a word to describe Robbie is caring , sweet , and kind because he cares about his grandmother he likes to spend time with her. What do I think will happen? I dont really know I think by the cover of the book he looks lost so thats what I think .
Love , Kathleen

December 3, 2017
Dear Kathleen,
I noticed on your book log you have not entered an at-home reading book. Maybe you could put the one I got you at the book fair on and start reading it. It is important to read 20 minutes each night. Sarah, Plain and Tall is a great book, but it is your school book.
In order to do this assignment you need to think of a character you have read about so why don't we choose Anna from Sarah, Plain and Tall. Now that you have finished the story, what do you think Anna learned or realized from her experiences? Why do you think this was an important thing to learn? This is often called the author's message or theme.
Don't forget the 5 parts of the friendly letter.
Mrs. McGinnity

Dear Mrs.McGinnity, 12/6/17
Sorry about that but I finished it and I now just put it on my book log.I loved the book! From the book Sarah Plain and Tall I think Anna really thought that Sarah didnt want to live with them , but at the end Sarah ended up giving her and Caleb the sea or AKA colors of the sea. Papa , Anna , and Caleb teached Sarah alot of things. So Anna learned that Sarah loves all of them and everyone loved her so ofcourse she wouldnt leave.

January 16, 2018
Happy New Year!
For your first wiki letter of the new year, please make sure your book log is up-to-date. You should be reading a good fit chapter book 20 minutes each night.
Next, we are working on monitoring our comprehension as we read to make sure we really understand what we are reading. Think about your at-home reading book. Answer two of the monitoring questions about your book in your friendly letter back to me. Make sure you include all 5 parts of a friendly letter.
Mrs. McGinnity

Monitoring for Comprehension Questions (pick 2)
1. What is happening in the story?
2. What is happening to the characters?
3. Is the character changing?
4. What do I think will happen next?
5. What is the problem?

Dear Mrs.McGinnity,
Happy new years for you too!
I am reading The Puppy Place Bubbles And Boo And Its a good book so far. Lizzie takes care of dogs but, she met Bubbles the puppy. Bubbles is not happy and Lizzie is trying to fix this problem.
Lizzie was happy until she saw Bubbles sad and not wanting to go for a walk anymore.
Yes , kind of because shes being more and more careful with Bubbles.
I think that, since Mrs. Mooney ( which is the owner) is telling Lizzie to take care of Bubbles. Im predicting that Bubbles is going to be much better if Lizzie takes care of her now.
Bubbles is a sad puppy because Mrs. Mooney has a new baby and that now they had to stop playing with Bubbles because they had to take care of the baby .

February 5, 2018
Dear Kathleen,
We have been working on cause and effect in reading. Cause is the reason something happens and effect is the result, what actually does happen due to the cause. We sometimes call it reason & result.
Think about your at-home reading book. Identify an important example of cause and effect. It should be important because it some how impacts the character or the story's plot. Think of it this way, if it DIDN'T happen, the action or the story would be completely different. EXPLAIN why this cause and effect example is important to the narrative.
I look forward to reading your letter!
Love, Mrs. McGinnity
February 7, 2018
Dear Mrs.McGinnity,
The book ”Roller Girl” had some cause and effects such as, the cause is at the begining when they were going to the roller skating show. The effect is that one of the girls enjoyed it and wanted to be a roller girl one day. That is my cause and effect for Roller Girl. Im excited to read more of the book !
Love, Kathleen

Dear Kathleen,
As we saw in class, when we read we can learn from and teach our characters. This week here is what you need to do: Introduce me to your main character and tell me two or three important character traits. (one sentence.) Then tell me about a time when your main character interacted with another character in the story (this should only be about one sentence.) Finally you can decide to share with me the advice you would want to give your character OR you can tell me what you learned from your character's behavior. I look forward to understanding what you INFERRED from your character's behavior.
Mrs. McGinnity

Dear Mrs.McGinnity,
I"m reading a new book now but , I have read roller girl though. The main characters were Astrid , and Nicole . Astrid is a tomboy that loves roller derby . She is shy, kind, and sometimes mean. Nicole is a girly-girl . Shes not really into roller skating, she loves ballet more than skating . Shes shy ,kind , and really helpful . I remember when Nicole became friends with Astrid again after they fought. I learned that never break your friendships with your best friends . I love this book ! Id totally recommend it ! !
Love, Kathleen

In the letter above you forgot your closing and your name. Please fix that before doing your next letter.

May 7,2018
Dear Kathleen,
Please use your Storyworks magazine and choose a side about our recent discussion on texting and walking. Should it be banned? Make sure you have three reasons to support your opinion. Your letter is due Friday.
Love Mrs. McGinnity
(p.s. sorry the picture is sideways! I saved it vertically and it keeps putting it like this on the sight!)


Dear Mrs. McGinnity, 5/7/18
I do not think texting while walking should be
illegal because on the text it said that in New
Jersey, they are creating an app that when your
texting while walking and your near a crosswalk,
it will flash a light at you to warn you that your
near a crosswalk. Also, if theres an emergency,
you can’t just ignore it. Lastly, If you have an
emergency, you obviously have to go on your
phone to call or text for help. Those are the three
reasons why texting while walking is bad.
Love, Kathleen