Welcome to Our Wiki!
Welcome to our Wiki site! Students will use this site to keep track of at-home reading books, write about what they're reading at home, respond to topics or ideas related to books we are reading in class, and suggest ideas. Parents can use this site to keep up with what we are reading and writing about in class.

TO BEGIN: Use the Navigation panel on the right hand side and click on your name. This will be your home page. Check it out. Later this year we will write letters to each other. You will use the information below to help you do just that!

Writing on a wiki doesn't need to be tricky (sorry, no rhyme intended.) A few suggestions to help you get started:
1. Think before you write. Jot down ideas or mark places in the book you're reading to use in your letter or response.
2. PROOFREAD. When you click "Post" your words go out for all to see. Be sure to CHECK YOUR SPELLING, punctuation and typing.
ask someone to read over your work before you post it. It is very important to get your proper nouns correct (my name, your
name, the book title, the author's name...) You shouldn't use texting spelling either - no LOL or 2moro - spell in correct form
3. Be nice. This is a place to share ideas, but we don't all have to agree. If you disagree with someone say just that, "I do not
agree with..." and explain why. Remember, everyone can see your writing. This is never a place to make fun or put down
anyone. I ALSO RECEIVE AN EMAIL EVERYTIME YOU LOG ON. This will let me know any edits you make.

If you are unsure of what to do you can always check your personal student page or read a discussion post. I will try to be very clear with directions both in class and on the wiki. If you can not post at home for some reason before an assignment is due, you can make arrangements to do it before, after or during school (when possible). Just don't wait until 7:45 a.m. on a Friday morning to write a letter!
I think you will like using this wiki and learning from each other. Be sure to let me know if you do!
Love, Mrs. McGinnity